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Last Quarter Of The #YearOfLavish

Last Quarter Of The #YearOfLavish

What it do? 

Apologies I've been a little quiet, I'm literally getting back into the swing of things following an impromptu last minute trip back to my country St.Lucia which was absolutely AMAZING and considering it's the Year Of's only right that I gave myself an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and look fierce as fuck! 

Sipping a St Lucian Shandy on Hummingbird Beach, Soufriere, St Lucia 

This year has already been a crazy journey, many of you have been keeping me posted in regards to your personal #YearOfLavish journeys so far and aI absolutely love it! I hope that this year has gone over and above your expectations and if it hasn't that's alright, we still have 3 months left to get shit done! 

I've already started to plan what I want to achieve in 2018 and things that I can get started in the #LastQuarter at the very least if I can't achieve all of them. 

So as I tell you guys basically everything about my mother trucking life, I wanted to let you know some things that I'm going to do within this last quarter, and I hope that you share your goals and we can support each other to get it done! 

1. Continue to go gym and attend Lucifer's classes

I still don't like gym, if you read my previous blog regarding "The Day I Went To The Gym & My Heart Bled" you would already know my disdain for sweat, cardio and Lucifer not making my life any easier when I have my training session with him. Since August I completed my personal training with Lucifer, however he is still a lending hand and support system when I go and work out, he also runs his own "Legs, Bums and Tums" and "HIIT" class which are frigging hard, and every so often I can see Lucifer's facial expression of judgment making sure that I'm putting 100% into every minute of the class. 

I've realised that this gym foolishness is NOT a quick fix, yes I've lost weight and gained confidence because of it, and I feel healthier and it's actually been a good means of stress relief for me but I'm committing myself to a full year of going to the gym before I decide whether my thickem ass can be bothered to keep it up, so whilst I'm still motivate I'm keep doing it!

2. Read at least 4 books

Luckily my friend has already got my first book for me to get stuck into, which is none other than my muse Issa Rae "The MisAdventures Of An Awkward Black Girland I can't frigging wait to sink my eyeballs into it. I have been a MASSIVE fan of Issa Rae since her YouTube days of "Diary Of An Awkward Black Girl" if you haven't seen it yet....slap yourself. From then, I knew that Issa was someone special and to see everything that she has achieved with "Insecure" and how her personality is so raw and real makes her a breath of fresh air. 

I'm also going to buy "Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race" as I've heard some really good reviews about that, as well as "The Handmaid's Tale" as I LOVED the TV series that I binge-watched the entire first season in 3 days! 

3. Get a second job/hustle guys already know that I am bargain queen. My favourite word is "SALE" and I don't believe on spending more money than I need to, but I also believe that it's important to treat yourself and live life! My holiday give me the passion to start travelling again, doing certain things and not cutting expense when I do so....that means a betch needs more money! 

Also from a business perspective that are things I still have on my list to achieve and events that I want to put on for all you Renegades so it's not necessarily about working HARDER it's working SMARTER. I have a few things in the pipeline but one thing I've learned during this #YearOfLavish is that sacrifice, faith and hard work = unimaginable results and I'm not a quitter so I'm more driven than ever to get things done! 

4. Start work on 2 more writing projects

What's better than having one TV pilot? HAVING THREE! I'm grateful for every writing opportunity that presents itself to me, and working on projects that I'm truly passionate about. I was advised at the beginning of the year that it's wise to have 3-4 scripts that you are passionate about and that's exactly what I've had, and I'm extremely lucky to have the support system and industry friends that I do who've helped me hone on what ideas to work on. 

Let me be real with you, writing scripts is NOT easy. There's a lot I'm still learning and it requires alot of patience. alcohol, swearing, reading and unlimited amount of rewrites. My TV pilot from the beginning of the year compared to now are two different scripts, and I still have a long way to go and more that I want to add to it. But I love that every rewrite is progress, I know more about the characters, the story, the secondary characters, the dramatic beats and my vision of this project just gets bigger and better, so might as well do it for as many projects as I can yo! 

5. Finally start my driving lessons...again

Ok don't judge me, but I actually can't drive. Well actually, technically I can drive...just not legally. I did about a good 25 lessons when I was 26 and then I stopped. Blinked my eyes and I'm 30...with no licence and that's just not cute! So I'm not giving myself any excuses and I'm going to do as many lessons as possible before the stupid driving test changes again as I'm aware that the new test requires using a satnav and answering questions as you drive, and ain't nobody got time for that so the goal is December to do my test, I hope that's possible if not at least I would be comfortable again at that point! 

What do you want to achieve in the #LastQuarter? Write a comment below and let me know! 

I'm a fan of list and a honest believer of when you put things into the atmosphere that God is listening so therefore it's on me to get things done and achieved! 

Want to see what I get up to daily, don't forget to add me on Snapchat NOW... you should be anyway! 

Let's get it done Renegades! 

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Thanking YOU! Yes You!

Thanking YOU! Yes You!

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